Easy Website Forms

Easy Website Forms

Create rich website forms for your website with Froggy Forms. 
Build your web forms in minutes with no coding.

When your users fill out the form on your web page, the information is emailed to you. The user's form information is saved in a database and every unique name and email address is saved in your email list.

Features include:
  * SSL secure  web forms
  * Email to multiple recipients
  * No redirects - users never leave your site
  * Anti-spam CAPTCHA protection
  * WYSIWYG form layout, fonts and colors
  * Export form data to spreadsheet
  * Export email list to spreadsheet

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Easy Web Forms for Your Site

With Froggy Forms, it's simple to create website forms for your website.

Our easy form creator lets you quickly create input fields and selections for your users to fill out on your web page. Information they enter is emailed to you.

Users never leave your website with our new technology form submits. With other web form builders, users leave your website and get redirected back, which isn't very professional.

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